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1 year ago
What the hell is he doing? He doesn’t know how to eat pussy to save his life.
anonymous 1 year ago
He doesn't know how to bring her clit to orgasm.He seems scared of what he's trying to do.No good.She should not have to masturbate.Doesn't know what he's doing.Girls,if you have a guy like this--lose him.Many guys are extremely good and know how to bring any female to a hard orgasm licking their clit.No girl turns down a guy who knows what he's doing.
1 year ago
She so hot
USA 1 year ago
If he was actually doing it right snd not just licking her labia, she wouldn't need to masterbate during.
old man 1 year ago
if i had her i would have 3 meals a day
Mike 11 months ago
Just ate my chubby wife this morning. Chubby shaved pussy is the best! You're hot honey
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She has a fantastic thick body and needs a proper pussy licking. I volunteer.
3 months ago
bruh, you have no idea what you're doing. If a woman gotta rub her own pussy while YOU'RE eating her out. you're definitely doing something wrong.
Kevin 10 months ago
Love her wish that was me love it when she plays with her self more of her on her own
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