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WTF 1 year ago
She on top suppose to be riding him banging his brains yet he on bottom long dicking her pussy got her creaming like crazy. Now that's the king of fucking I love. Dick me down deep and hard flood my walls with your nut juice make me all warm and messy inside.
Lilly 1 year ago
I'm telling you now if you going to fuck a nig-ger like "Slim Poke" you better be able to handle a big dick and a hard pounding. He goes for a gals lung when he's penetrating the pussy. You notice her got on a condom well he pounds hard knowing the condom will break and he not give a dam because his goal it to flood the pussy full of fertilizing cum.
1 year ago
slimpoke didn't come to play he came to slay that pussy
Twon 1 year ago
I happen to be strolling ran across this vide of slim poke I tell you that guy knows how to hit some ass. To bad he waste all that dick on lazy ass females. I'd have him begging for mercy from riding him so deep and hard. Tell you what he wouldn't last pass 15 minutes. Love the way she swallow his niglets.
Xxx 2 months ago
Long ass dick
who is she ? IG ? 6 months ago
who is she ? ig ?
Karbear 10 months ago
He’s fire she’s lazy
She sexy af 10 months ago
Nisha gilmore 11 months ago
Oh he fucks like Loren barlow many diffrent positions only his dick not as long or big like loren