my wife's is mentally retarded, she is 18 and still sits very badly. her pussy is still in full view. this time I intend to fuck her

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Wtf 9 months ago
The title is fucked up and slightly disturbing
Instigator 9 months ago
Your wife's daughter??? Isn't that YOUR daughter???
1 year ago
6 months ago
so this woman is just acting this way right? i mean you as a person or people shouldn't be taking advantage of a mentally challenged person, right?
5 months ago
I would love to fuck a sexy retard chick and fuck the ass too
6 months ago
Nah This Title is wild af
Bill 3 months ago
I would have had to throat fuck her then pound that asshole for her i'm just nice that way
Chief 3 months ago
This music though
Theman 5 months ago
Nigerians are sick bastards. They fuck there own mothers.
Big old thang 6 months ago
Somebody please send me some videos 8044614224 I'll send some back to you