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3 months ago
the baby could just walk out
3 months ago
You could literally fit your head inside her pussy! Better bring a snorkel
Her man 3 months ago
She's dialed it back in recent years our son Roger and daughter timantha are making us proud seems like just yesterday we watched this woman keep an entire Thanksgiving turkey, ham, gravy and 7 of the 8 fixings up her ass for a whole day keeping it warm. Bless her
dildos24-7 3 months ago
the fatter the pussy-hole the flatter the ass. and this bitch just proved it.
Me too 5 months ago
Would you sit on my face...
5 months ago
bro the music is the best thing about this change my mind
Her daughter 3 months ago
I'm only up to eggplants, hoping to be at watermelons within the year hopefully I can keep my dignity like moms
3 months ago
Babe you seen that new bucket from lowe.......
Her son 3 months ago
Doctors said she never had to push I walked out on my own.
2 months ago
What is regular dick gone even do to her??? Nothing!!!