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Smh 2 years ago
Nothing is wrong with her vagina it looks perfectly normal. Discolouration is normal.
Stop 1 year ago
Stop praising when it’s white women but down lifting when it’s black this is self hate she’s overweight of course her vagina structure is gonna look weird y’all love bashing black women wtf ...
1 year ago
This comments are disgusting every vagina looks different I bet most of y’all got tiny shrimpy dicks so immature but have the nerves to call yourself a “ man ” lmaoooooo leave that girl alone she has a beautiful push’s there a thing called melanin before you call her dirty also the vagina cleans itself
Dan 2 years ago
Good shit
the more fucked up 7 years ago
the harder my dick and stronger the orgasm!!
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hirtik 6 years ago
What. Tha fuck
fat pussy 5 years ago
fat pussy though
Big pussy 2 years ago
Most beautiful ugliest pussy i ever seen!!! Love it!!!!
yuck 9 years ago
Her shit look triff her pussy and ass look nasty
Kokkdiezel 2 years ago
Nice phat kat