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Mrs luteria 3 years ago
Im going to show this to my students because thier studying this..
Aspiring student 3 years ago
Can the comments section shut the fuck up, im trying to learn here.
Oh okay 3 years ago
So this is what I put my dick inside last week?
9 months ago
I think I just watched someone get an STD
3 years ago
Looks like an Alien Mother Ship
Black 3 years ago
“oH aS thE wOmAn aPrOSsiOns aN orGaSm”

I was laughing so much I came 3 times
Black 3 years ago
I was laughing the whole time off of the audio
Anonymous 9 months ago
Wow they should’ve showed us this in school except for that blue waffle shit
9 months ago
There is definitely some red spots on that dick
Lmfao 9 months ago
“Edited by Unknown”