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D.C. 5 years ago
Raw dogging a stripper is suicide!
Oh naw 5 years ago
She look like she got the works. Now this nigga like usher with the herps
damn 5 years ago
how do you let your friend fuck a stripper without a condom
B 4 Real 5 years ago
That's why we as a race are so far behind. We make some dumb ass moves. Just in case you didn't know..... THAT WAS A DUMB ASS MOVE!!!!! You put your life on the line for a piece of hot pussy!
Wow 5 years ago
She looked so drugged
OK so 5 years ago
When are yall gonna be fucking these bitches
Bdw 6 years ago
Nigga taking chance with his life
DKing 6 years ago
This MF should of did numbers
She's on coke lmao 5 years ago
Look at her pupils and her wide eyes, all strippers are coke heads
cuban 5 years ago
rasict ass white boys hind behind the be a real man and say what you have to say to a person face that's what real men's do