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4 years ago
His licks are so sexy and passionate but you have to be consistent if you want to make her explode. No random stopping...just continuous rhythmic licks or constant sucks over and over with slight applied pressure of your tongue until she can’t take anymore. Every woman is different but if the the tongue is used in the right way for just the right amount of time with no breaks in between, she will surely release a flood of uncontrollable orgasm into your mouth.
Sweetpussy 4 years ago
I want him
Shelly 4 years ago
Gawd damn. Can someone please do me like this? Homeboy is getting it.
Flowers 3 years ago
Damn please eat my pussy
Omg 3 years ago
I want him to do that to me
Anonymous 3 years ago
Ahhhhhh my
Andy ! Do you do housecalls
Pussy Licking Addiction 3 years ago
Shit, if you lick me like that, I will do whatever you want!
4 years ago
can someone eat my pussy like thisssss
Omg! 3 years ago
That's the best pussy eating video ever
4 years ago
God that’s so hot, someone please eat me out like this