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1 year ago
He thumbed the clit for half the video, that would have irk the fk out of me but he did eat it good afterward.
Vanessa 1 year ago
Him flicking it was not it
2 years ago
Yesssss I want you to open my pussyhole and stick your tongue deep in my pussy and eat my asshole
1 year ago
Suck all of the juice out of her pussy. Then duck her clit until she cant stand it. Just when you think you might stop, keep going and sucking it until it is raw.
Coco 1 year ago
This vid is so annoying, he cant eat pussy and was scared to eat her ass, like why did you blow it and then give it a tiny lick and then just avoid it and her teeth look horrible
Find this man for me 1 year ago
Someone need to find him for me lol he eating it real good scotch over its my turn now
1 year ago
I would’ve came in his mouth FUCCCCKKK. Come eat my pussy now
Your favorite girl 1 year ago
Miss Mamas went cross eyed at 8:39 wheeeew lololol it was GOOD GOOD lmaooo
1 year ago
That thumb thing was annoying AF
Tasty 2 years ago
its my turn