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wtf is he doing 2 years ago
i know that shit doesn’t feel good got me mad just looking at it nigga put your fucking mouth on that thing and stop flicking it she looks dead
Bruh lol 2 years ago
for someone getting her pussy licked shes dry as fuck looking, get into that and don’t ignore her asshole, it’s a pussy not a fucking icecream cone you tongue flicking retard
Not me 1 year ago
Guys in the comments. He’s actually doing a great job because he’s focusing on the clit. Most girls love when you focus on the clit. That’s the key to making a girl cum. Focus on the clit
FrReal 2 years ago
This the type of dude that chews with his mouth open. Lip smackin ass homo hair cut mufukka.
Also... why does she have 2 buttholes?
wtf 2 years ago
why is he doing it like that lmao
2 years ago
Beautiful, i love my wife and i love licking my wife.
Cnhgv 2 years ago
She sounds likea turtle having sex like wtf is that
Anonymous 2 years ago
I- why the fuck is he flicking it like that is he scared or somethin
Jess 2 years ago
She ruined the video quiet ass chic
Anna 1 year ago
I love it so much