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2 years ago
Are there men who really have this fantasy?
Escorts hubby 2 years ago
My wife is an escort and every load she gets I'm at home waiting for it. I don't even lick her cunt unless it has another cocks load in it
bi29 2 years ago
The first time my girlfriend dared me to eat my cum, she went wild and it became a regular thing.
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i lived with a girl for ove ten years she came home at least four times evey week dripping cum i licked her dry evry time i miss it nothing like tasteing another mans cum in pussy love it
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I have done this with several girls and even my wife. Every one of them loved it and came so harf while i was doing it. The real sluts will snowball with with you and they swallow it.
Petboy1 2 years ago
Best training i had from my Mistress wife i learned to beg for it and licked up every drop
Lily 2 years ago
I want a cuckold in my life
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Very hot and sexy wife. I like lick her pussy after own and strangers creampie.
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I don't have a problem eating my wife's Cum filled pussy. My wife loves sucking my cock after I fuck one of her girlfriends. A few years ago we tried a bisexual Gathering. She watched me suck a few Cocks and I watched her eat some good looking pussy. We both agreed that it was a great experience, been doing it ever since. I think every guy should try sucking a cock once.
Rick181au 2 years ago
I love it "so does my wife".